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‘Look For Me’ – A Short Film

‘Look For Me’ – A Short Film

Look For Me

Anastasia Standrik and Susan Gallagher

Susan Gallagher is featured as “Mother” in ‘Look For Me’,  a short film that tells a story of a young woman in New York City. After going through a break-up, she has to find her own way to move on, as she navigates the city, destroying her old self and hoping to find something that feels real again. The film is an intimate, personal look at her experience of change and moving on to another chapter of her life. Look For Me unfolds in a rather unconventional way, experimenting  with sound and visuals to convey the truly personal nature of the story.







Such a wonderful time working with the cast and crew of the female driven indie film ‘Look for Me’, in fabulous New York City!



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